Church Sections

The Victoria Street Cemetery was divided into denominational sections -
to allow people to be buried in fellowship with their church.

As you enter the main driveway from Victoria Street, the Methodist Section first used in 1882,
is located on the left. This is followed by the Catholic Section, first used in about 1881.

The Church of England (Anglican) Section is located to the right of the main gate and was first used in 1879.

Beyond, also to the right, is the Presbyterian Section, first used in 1886.

In later years, cross-demoninational Lawn Sections were established.

The first lawn interment was on June 8, 1965.

There are now five lawn Sections within this Cemetery and many Garden Sections.
The Memorial Shrub Section and Niche Wall were also established for Cremated Remains.

In 1980 it became apparent that the Victoria Street Cemetery was running out of burial space,
so plans were put in place to purchase 57 acres of land on the outskirts of Warragul along Burke Street.


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