Making a Memorial to your loved one is important to us.
We believe that everyone needs to be remembered,
and a plaque to mark the grave means that person will be remembered forever.
We are happy to help you do this.
We can help you choose the right wording and type of memorial that suits your needs.
Whether it is a recent burial or an ancestor who lies in an unmarked grave,
we are happy to assist you to make a plaque that suits.
Just contact our office to make an appointment or details can be exchanged via e-mail.

However, there are legal steps that are required to be followed.

1. You must have the permission from the person who has the “Rights of Interment” over that grave –
we can assist to establish this.

2. You need to have some wording in mind –
a walk around a cemetery can assist in getting an idea of wording.

3. Different areas of a cemetery have particular plaque sizes and desks,
slabs or plinths for mounting the plaque.

4. Anything out of the ordinary needs to be presented to the Cemetery Trust for approval.

5. It can take about 6 weeks to get a plaque made, from the time of ordering.

6. There are lots of choices, so doing your homework is important.

7. The costs are determined by your choices and all payment is required before ordering.


Require more details? Contact our office at the address below.

CONTACT : Warragul Cemeteries Trust, Gulwarra Heights Memorial Park. 378 Burke Street, Warragul. 3820
Office - 5622 3255   |   Mobile - 0411 460 325   |   Email -
Office Hours : 9am - 3pm Monday to Friday. GATES OPEN 9am - 5pm daily.
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