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A cemetery can be selected to begin the search, OR no cemetery selected in which case all names
typed in the Name section will be displayed within both Trust cemeteries.
Name searches will search for all matches that begin with your query. ie. typing JEN will bring up all
Clicking the Show Map link will then take you to the grave location plan, a listing of others in the grave
and a toolbar to see where in the overall plan of the cemetery, the grave is located.
Note: The Register Number is ONLY our Cemetery Computer number.
It is not the Death Registration number for ordering copies of death certificates!
Many burial records do not have an exact grave location, therefore the plans will not show these.
These records generally have an X in the location. ie. COEO*X***X
If you have any queries please contact us.
If you have death certificates that state a burial has taken place in one of the Trust cemeteries
and it is not listed, please contact us so that this information can be added to our database.
    Warragul Cemetery Trust respects your privacy and the protection of your personal information, and is committed to complying
with all relevant legislation and the Information Privacy Principles as described in the Victorian Information Privacy Act
Among other things, this means the Warragul Cemetery Trust will:
# Only collect personal information that is necessary for fulfilling our industry function of operating cemeteries and a crematorium
as prescribed in the Cemeteries Act
# Be open and transparent in the way information is collected
# Only use or disclose information in ways that are consistent with public expectations, or are required in the public interest
# Only use or disclose retained personal information in the provision of our standard functions or activities.
# We will not release or sell information to any unrelated third party unless required by law
# Take all reasonable steps to ensure the personal information held by us is accurate, complete, up to date and securely stored.
# Let you access the information held about you, where ever possible. For security reasons you may be required to put your request in writing.
# Attempt to deal with you anonymously, if you wish, however this may restrict our ability to deal with the future requirements of you or your family.
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