Do you need help with memorialising or interring your loved one's ashes?
It is common for people to struggle with knowing what to do with ashes.
Many people have them in a wardrobe at home, or don't even pick them up from the Funeral Parlour.
A few will have them out on display at home, others find it strange to even have them in the house.

We, at the Warragul Cemetery and Gulwarra Heights Memorial Park, are happy to help you make
a place of remembrance for your loved one, where you can visit to remember them,
even if you have scattered the ashes to the four winds.

There are several locations around both our Cemeteries to do a memorialisation for your loved ones.
Ashes can be scattered or interred and a plaque placed in their memory,
so that future generations can find out what has happened to their ancestors.

The cost of this is dependent on your choice of interment or memorialisation.


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